Reckoning Time in Medieval Pisa


Nicholas Brown, Co-author

Daryl P. Jackson, Co-author

Hannah Jones, Co-author

Laura Morreale, PhD, Editor

Special thanks go to:
  • Carol Anderson, History Department, The Catholic University of America for contributing images and expertise on medieval Pisa;
  • Kevin B. Gunn, Coordinator of Digital Scholarship, The Catholic University of America, for his support and interest in this project;
  • Amanda Racine, History Department, Fordham University, for her project-specific guidance on TEI and TEIPublisher.
  • The History Department of the Catholic University of America.

Please use the following citation:

Brown, Nicholas, Daryl Jackson, Hannah Jones, and Laura Morreale. "[PAGE NAME]." Reckoning Time in Medieval Pisa. [PUBLICATION DATE]. Accessed [DATE].