Narrator: Nameless throughout the entire novel, the narrator is a shy, self-conscious young woman from a lower financial status. She begins the novel as a paid companion to Mrs. Van Hoppe, but while the two are on holiday in Monte Carlo, she meets the older, wealthier Maxim de Winter. The narrator then marries him, becoming the new “Mrs. de Winter” of Manderly.

Maxim de Winter: A cultured, older man who is the owner of the Manderly estate. At the start of the novel, he has recently been widowed due to a tragic drowning. However, it turns out that he actually was the one kill Rebecca.

Rebecca: In life, Rebecca was beautiful, cultured, and very much loved by those her knew her. She was the original Mrs. de Winter, but her surprisingly malicious actions lead for Maxim to kill her.

Mrs. Danvers: The housekeeper at Manderley. She is incredibly devoted to Rebecca despite her death. She is cruel to the narrator for taking Rebecca’s place.

Jack Favell: Rebecca’s cousin. He lacks integrity, is an alcoholic, and was Rebecca’s lover during her marriage to Maxim de Winter.

Frank Crawley: Maxim de Winter’s overseer of Manderley. He is loyal to Maxim and welcoming to the narrator.

Beatrice: Maxim de Winter’s sister. She is incredibly friendly and outgoing.

Mrs. Van Hopper: A wealthy American woman who employs the narrator to be her companion while she travels around Europe.

Ben: The mildly mentally challenged man who spends his time on the beach near the Manderly estate.

Colonel Julyan: The local judge in the region surrounding Manderley.

Lady Crowan: The local noblewoman who suggests that there be another costume ball at Manderly.

Baker: The London doctor who saw Rebecca on the day of her death.

Frith: The butler at Manderly.

Clarice: The narrator’s maid.

Jasper: The pet spaniel of Manderly.

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