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Latino/a Mobility in California History

Genevieve Carpio, Javier Cienfuegos, Ivonne Gonzalez, Karen Lazcano, Katherine Lee Berry, Joshua Mandell, Christofer Rodelo, Alfonso Toro, Authors

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Subheading 1

I will now work on the body of my essay. These sections analyze my sources and provide evidence for my conclusions. I will want to draw on primary documents, as well as secondary sources to support my claims. My arguments here provide a scaffolding towards my larger conclusion. My goal is to be persuasive by showing the reader why I think the way I do. I'll want to include images, audio files, maps, statistics, and/or quotes to illustrate my point. I can embed some of these sources directly into Scalar, so that the reader can view them alongside my analysis. 

It is likely that I will use the evidence from the Digital Exhibit. Notice in the example below I've synched the photographs from my exhibit to my text. This is how I did it.

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