The Modern Pet

The Modern Pet

Pets are arguably Americans' most popular and enjoyable past time. We love our pets and it shows. Americans spend about 70 billion dollars an their pets in 2017, making it one of the largest industries in the nation, and the world. Being such a huge topic, I can't possibly cover every aspect in this book, so I will try to just cover some highlights.

Types of Pets


The most common pet in the U.S. is the dog.  A staggering 37% of households own a dog, that's 43+ million households. Dogs are smart, loyal, fun and loving, these qualities are probably how the dog the nickname "man's best friend". Another reason dogs are so popular is because there are so many different breeds from which to choose from. From the Doberman and Bulldog for those wanting protection, to the Chihuahua and Yorkie for those wanting a lapdog, to the Westie and Russel terriers for those wanting an energetic playmate. There's a dog breed for nearly every personality.


Cats come in at a close second place in modern society with roughly 36 million households (30%) owning these pets. Unlike dogs who requite a lot of their owner's time, cats tend to be more better suited for those aren't able to spent a lot of time with their pet, especially those who work a lot. Cats have just as large of a range of personality traits as dogs hough, and also come in a wide range of breeds. 


The third most common pet in the U.S. is the domesticated bird. 3.5 million households have a bird as a pet, making them owned by 3% of the American population. Just like dog s and cats, birds come in many different types to suits an owners personality and traits. There's the finch and canary who want a small bird who doesn't need much attention but is happy to just sing beautiful melodies for their owner. Then there's the parakeet and cockatiel for those who want a small bird but also one who's more sociable with their owner. Then there's a multitude of larger birds for those with the time and money to invest in them, such as the Cockatoo, Macaw, Senegal, Indian Ringneck Parakeet, Conure, Lovebird and more. 

Types of Pet Products

Pet Bowls

We're come a long way from the traditional tin pet bowl. There's now a wide arrays of modern types, styles, colors, sizes and materials of pet bowls on the market.

Elevated pet feeders

One of the newest trends in the modern pet world are elevated or raised pet feeders. The main reason for their popularity is health reasons. Due to them being raised of the floor they elevate back stress in your pet, which is helpful for elderly pets and those suffering from arthritus.

Wall Mounted Pet Feeders

Wall mounted pet feeders are a second modern option. These contemporary feeders address the same issues as elevated feeders. The only difference is they are counted on the wall inter of planted on the floor.

Automated Pet Feeders

This is a new option for pet owners which actually feeds your pet as specific times of the day, great for those on the go who are not always able to feed their pet when needed.

Smart Pet Feeders

And smart pet bowls and feeders are the newest edition to the pet industry. These unique contemporary products do a lot more than just feed your dog or cat, they also have cool options such as weighing their food, alerting you of changes in their eating habits, using pet cams to let you watch them and even having speakers to let you speak to them. How cool is that?!

Pet Beds

Magnetic Pet Beds

Magnetic dog beds and cat beds, also called therapeutic pet beds, are perfect for pets suffering from health conditions such as arthritis, injuries and for older pets. They use subtle magnetic energy to ease pain and induce a calming effect in your pet.

Elevated Cat Beds

Elevated cat beds are contemporary designs which allow cats the security of their own personal hiding space, but also allow them to be high off the ground, which they love. 

Dog Bunk Beds

Dog bunk beds are a great solution for those with more than one dog. Typically they are two flat beds connected by a staircase allowing them to reach the upper bunk. 

Dog Sofas

Dog sofas are a unique modern alternative to dog beds. Basically they're just small versions of human sofas, great for s=dogs who love to jump on the couch! This way they've got heir own couch to jump on.

Dog Houses

Dog Campers

Dog campers are a modern type of outdoor doghouse designed in the shape of a classic camper or trailer. These quite cool if you already own a camper so you'll have miniature dog version to keep along side it.

Indoor Dog Houses

Indoor dog houses are becoming quite popular among pet owners. They are perfect for city dwellers and other pet owners who don't have a backyard yet still want their dog to have his or her own house. They also come in a variety of styles, modern, luxury, traditional, etc to match your home decor.

Luxury Dog Houses

Fancy luxury dog houses are basically for those who love to spend money on their pet and have the resources to do so. They're the creme de la creme of dog furniture. They're made of the finest materials and craftsmanship, to withstand years of wear and tear.

Cat Trees

Wall mounted cat trees

Among the newest types of cat trees available on the market now are wall mounted cat trees. These modern pieces of cat furniture allow you more floor space while at the same time giving your room a cool contemporary look. 

Cat staircases

These contemporary inventions are another piece of cat furniture gaining momentum amount cat owners in the modern era. Some models are only a few steps while other more modern models consist of dozens of winding steps. They give cats an awesome view from above.

Cat condos

Cat condos are a specific type of cat tree which give cats an enclosed space. This is important as cats really like to have their own personal hiding space away from everyone to retreat to when needed. Cat condos which aren't in anyway elevated tend to be referred to as cat caves rather than cat trees they are more of a modern trend to the traditional cat tree.

There are many many more types of pets and pet products out there, this is just a highlight. If you are an avid pet enthusiast read on though the book, the more you can learn about your pet the closer you two will become!


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