The Modern Pet

Puppies Living in Luxury

As you await the arrival of your new pup, it is easy to get carried away at overspending in preparation as there are so many necessary as well as exciting luxury pet products now available on the market. And for this reason it is often difficulty to determine which are necessary and which are luxury products. The following is a list of six essential items you will want to buy for your puppy. Which they are all necessary, you can opt for luxury versions of any of these.

Puppy Collar

One of the top things on your list is a dog collar. High quality leather or nylon are your best choices for a puppy. They won't be uncomfortable or chafe the puppy's neck.

Make sure that your buy a collar with growing room, yet not too big once you buckle it on the tightest hole. The correct fit is where you can get a couple fingers between the collar and your puppy's neck, but is not so loose that it will slip over the head. As your puppy grows holder which is a one-time purchase, you will have to buy collars. Get in the habit of checking your puppy's collar for a good fit on a normal basis.

ID Tag

Next on your list is an ID tag, once you've got a collar for your puppy. Every collar should have a dog ID tag for the safety of your pet in case he gets lost. Information on the tag should at least include his name and your current phone number. There are many designs available for tags. These range from small plastic disks to standard, metal tags that are engraved, and hand decorated models.

Dog Leash

The next item on your list will be a leash. There are a array of options available, similar to dog collars. A nylon or cotton weave is best, with cotton being more comfortable to hold. Leather may last longer, but will be quite stiff in the beginning. Also, puppies love to chew on leather, so until your puppy is a bit older it could be better to leave this option out of the mix. And then there are chain leashes, but they are uncomfortable for dogs. A 6 foot span excellent to start with. They may suggest a 10 foot leash when you begin training classes, if you choose to do so.

Dog Bowl

They are easy to clean and sterilize and are indestructible - meaning they're un-chewable. Cheaper versions are prone to breaking and cracking. So you might consider a high quality dish or feeder, which also often tend to look much nicer. Clay dog bowls sometimes contain potentially harmful materials present in the clay which may leak into your puppy's food through cracks in the glaze. So I'd advise steering away from these.

Plastic dishes are light and your puppy will push them over the kitchen floor, slopping water and food. They are also short-lived as they chewed and are prone to being scratched. The scratches trap particles of food and saliva, which aren't easy to clean off properly.  Acrylic and metal bowls are more luxury dog products, which are both durable, safe and attractive materials which are the best options for dog bowls in my opinion. 

Puppy Bed

Your puppy will need somewhere to sleep. There are a whole number of choices in different colours, fabrics, etc.. The beds that are full of poly-beads would be the most easy to wash. Some beds come with a removable outer cover which makes the job more easy. Stay away from foam beds, foam filling that is as tends to encourage chewing.

Additionally, the foam is not good for your puppy when it is swallowed by him. Cedar chippings may smell good, but once your puppy vomits on the bed or urinated it will not. Cedar beds are not washable, which is really a drawback. Wicker beds, and wooden all may look adorable, but are best left until your puppy is older and out of the stage.

Luxury and modern dog beds include those made of high end end materials such as faux fur, faux leather, acrylic, etc. And they are made with premium craftsmanship and often have the option to be custom made. 

Poop Bag Holder

And last but not least of your dog products, will be the poop bag holder. This will be your cheapest buy, and will last your pet's life-time. It holds onto your belt or belt-loops or can be attached anywhere on your leash, and it can be moved to any position. It will always be available to aid you in picking up dog waste at an east and sanity manner.

Luxury versions of this dog product will carry your empty and full dog poop bags, your hand sanitizer, all of your dog-walking necessities and more. You'll have to fulfill this responsibility because you will be outside exercising your pet regularly. Make sure you add a poop bag holder into your list.

Once you have all the necessities, then you'll be free to enjoy the experience when your new pup arrives.