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Worldness on the Move: The Met in the World

The Met's Live in HD is a proudly global enterprise, comprising thousands of cinemas in 73 countries. You can visit their theater finder webpage to discover your nearest participating cinema. The broadcasts are not, however, the only form of global movement at the Met — there is also the movement of singers, conductors, musicians, and other artists from abroad into the Met, as well as the global movement of opera, an originally Italian art form, to America at all (Giacomo Puccini, perhaps the most famously Italian opera composer of all, famously visited the Met twice, in 1907 and 1910; the latter visit was for the premier of his deliciously odd proto-Spaghetti Western opera La Fanciulla del West.)

This map puts these two sets of radial movements — artists in, broadcasts out — in conversation with one another:

Grey dots represent some (not all!) of the cinemas broadcasting the Met Live in HD series. Some cinemas are missing, due to gaps in the Met's own archival records — broken addresses in their "find your local cinema" widget. 
Blue markers represent the birthplaces of composers whose works have been broadcast via HD Live, from its inception in 2006 until the 2018-19 season.
Purple markers represent the birthplaces or hometowns of conductors whose performances have been broadcast via HD Live, 2006-7 to 2018-19
Green markers represent the birthplaces or hometowns of principle singers whose performances have been broadcast via HD Live,  2006-7 to 2018-19.
Click on the top-right button to open the map in its own tab, where you can look at each layer of data individually or in any combination you like.

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