The Met in Motion

Authors and Collaborators

Sylvia Korman graduated from Barnard College in 2018, with a degree in English. They wrote all the words and handled all the data for "The Met in Motion". From 2018-19, they were employed as a Post-Baccalaureate Fellow of Barnard's Digital Humanities Center, where they began this project. They hold no degrees in either musicology or performance studies, so please go easy on them. For more opera writing, you can read their reviews for parterre box. For just more in general, or to get in touch, you can follow them on twitter. Starting in Fall of 2019, they will be a PhD student in English at the CUNY Graduate Center, where they intend to research the performance of gender on the early modern stage.

Talley Murphy is a performance researcher, artist, and stage director. She made all of the graphics, and acted as adviser and collaborator for "The Met in Motion". Her work across disciplines deals with time, space, motion, and transformation. She is a PhD student in Theatre and Performance Studies at Brown University, where she is writing about relationality, risk, and possibility in live performance. Current projects include research on mutilation performances at the American Society of Theatre Research (Nov 2019), new play workshops with Kat Christensen (Jan 2020), and an immersive opera with Theo Ballew and June Yoon (May 2020). She is the co-editor of Ghostlight: An Independent Arts Journal and the artistic director of fullscreen blackbox.

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