Mother Earth and Resource Extraction: Women Defending Land and Water

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Idle No More
Idle No More calls on all people to join in a peaceful revolution, to honour Indigenous sovereignty, and to protect the land and water.

Indigenous Climate Action
At Indigenous Climate Action we prioritize our people, Indigenous peoples, as agents of change and are committed to hosting events, building educational resources and toolkits, lifting up Indigenous-led and owned strategies that enable renewable energy development, and strengthening our communities to demand our rights are included in climate change solutions.

Indigenous Environmental Network
EN is an alliance of Indigenous peoples whose mission it is to protect the sacredness of Earth Mother from contamination and exploitation by strengthening, maintaining and respecting Indigenous teachings and natural laws.

Indigenous Leadership Initiative
The Indigenous Leadership Initiative is dedicated to facilitating the strengthening of Indigenous nationhood for the fulfillment of the Indigenous cultural responsibility to our lands, the emergence of new generations of Indigenous leaders, and helping communities develop the skills and capacity that they will need as they continue to become fully respected and equally treated partners in Canada’s system of governance and its economic and social growth.

MiningWatch Canada
MiningWatch Canada works in solidarity with Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous communities who are dealing with potential or actual industrial mining operations that affect their lives and territories, or with the legacy of closed mines, as well as with mineworkers and former workers seeking safe working conditions and fair treatment.

Pauktuutit: Inuit Women of Canada
Pauktuutit is the national non-profit organization representing all Inuit women in Canada. Its mandate is to foster a greater awareness of the needs of Inuit women, and to encourage their participation in community, regional and national concerns in relation to social, cultural and economic development. Pauktuutit has collaborated with KAIROS in the past as a member of KAIROS’ Gendered Impacts Reference Group.

RAVEN is a non-profit charitable organization that provides financial resources to assist Aboriginal Nations within Canada in lawfully forcing industrial development to be reconciled with their traditional ways of life, and in a manner that addresses global warming or other ecological sustainability challenges.

United for Mining Justice
United for Mining Justice is a network of United Church of Canada folks and allies working for just extractive sector laws and practices, for an accountable Canadian mining industry, and for local and national sovereign jurisdiction over mineral resources.


BC First Nations Energy and Mining Council
FNEMC supports and facilitates First Nation efforts to manage and develop energy and mineral resources in ways that protect and sustain the environment forever while enhancing the social, cultural, economic and political well-being of First Nations in British Columbia. FNEMC’s work is guided by two Action Plans developed by British Columbia First Nations.

BC Mining Law Reform
Founded in 2019, the BC Mining Law Reform Network promotes changes to mineral development laws and mining practices to ensure they are environmentally sound, do not pollute waters, respect community decisions, and account for the costs to clean up toxic mine waste sites.

Fair Mining Collaborative
As BC mining accelerates, Fair Mining Collaborative joins with First Nations people and local communities in British Columbia in the quest to shape the future for families, land, water, and wildlife. Fair Mining Collaborative provides technical and practical assistance around the issues and impacts of mining.

First Nations Women Advocating Responsible Mining (FNWARM)
FNWARM seeks to promote environmentally sound mining exploration and development processes that respect First Nations rights and full participation. FNWARM was a founding member of KAIROS’ Gendered Impacts Reference Group.

Gidimt’en Yintah Access
The Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs represent a governance system that predates colonization and the Indian Act which was created in an attempt to outlaw Indigenous peoples from their lands.

Klabona Keepers
Klabona Keepers is an organization of Tahltan elders and families who occupy and use traditional lands near Iskut, British Columbia known as Tl’abāne, the Sacred Headwaters of the Stikine, Nass and Skeena Rivers.

Madii 'Lii
Luutkudziiwus is a House Group of the Gitxsan Nation. We continue to use and occupy our traditional Madii Lii territory as we have since time immemorial.

Mining Justice Action Committee
The Mining Justice Action Committee (MJAC) is a group of residents on Vancouver Island/unceeded Coast Salish Territories (British Columbia, Canada) united by concerns that many Canadian mining companies are responsible for human rights violations, social degradation and environmental crimes around the world.

Mining Justice Alliance
Grassroots organizing on Coast Salish Territories, in solidarity with global communities affected by Vancouver-based extractive corporations.

Stop Ajax Mine
The Kamloops Area Preservation Association purpose is to preserve and encourage the economic, environmental, human health and welfare of present and future generations of people in Kamloops and the surrounding area.

Tiny House Warriors
The Tiny House Warriors: Our Land is Home is a part of a mission to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline from crossing unceded Secwepemc Territory.

Unist’ot’en Camp
The Unist’ot’en homestead is not a protest or demonstration. Our clan is occupying and using our traditional territory as it has for centuries. Our free prior and informed consent protocol is in place at the entrance of or territory as an expression of our jurisdiction and our inherent right to both give and refuse consent. Our homestead is a peaceful expression of our connection to our territory. It is also an example of the continuous use and occupation of our territory of our territory by our clan. Our traditional structures of governance continue to dictate the proper use of and access to our lands and water.

Yuct Ne Senxiymetkwe Camp
Secwepemc disaster monitoring checkpoint and encampment at the entrance of the Imperial Metals' Mount Polley Mine.


Lubicon Lake Nation
As part of our self-determining authorities, we possess the right to self-sufficient economic development. As a sovereign and autonomous people we have the right to determine the nature and scale of economic development on our territory.

Wa Ni Ska Tan
A research Alliance of Hydro-Impacted Communities to explore both the positive and negative implications of hydropower for nearby environments and Indigenous communities in Manitoba and other affected regions across Canada.


1492 Land Back Lane
Six Nations Land Defenders have mobilized to stop the the Mackenzie Meadows housing development project bordering the town of Caledonia. Mackenzie Meadows is one of several housing developments within the area that are directly violating the sovereignty of the Haudenosaunee. Collectively we remain firm in our stance that action must be taken to stop the ongoing development of our lands.

Aamjiwnaang Solidarity Against Chemical Valley

A forum for communication and action around the toxic reality of living in Chemical Valley.

Barriere Lake Solidarity
Barriere Lake Solidarity is a network of people from outside of Barriere Lake who are working with the community to support their struggle.

Free Grassy Narrows
In the face of this oppression, the people of Grassy Narrows are actively resisting the continued destruction of their territories, re-occupying their lands, reviving their culture and fighting for control over their lands and self-determination.

Friends of the Attawapiskat River  
The Friends of the Attawapiskat River (FAR) are a coalition of impacted community members and allies focused on stewarding and protecting the Attawapiskat River and its watersheds.

Mining Injustice Solidarity Network
The Mining Injustice Solidarity Network (MISN) is a Toronto-based activist group that organizes to draw attention to and resist the negligent practices of Canadian mining companies, who comprise over 75% of mining businesses worldwide.

Quebec Native Women
Founded in 1974, Quebec Native Women Inc. (QNW) defends the interests of Aboriginal women from Quebec and Aboriginal women living in urban areas. QNW has collaborated with KAIROS in the past as a member of KAIROS’ Gendered Impacts Reference Group.

Wellington Water Watchers
Wellington Water Watchers is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 dedicated to the protection, restoration and conservation of drinking water in Guelph and Wellington County. We are primarily run by volunteer citizens from Guelph-Wellington who are committed to the protection of local water and to educating the public about threats to the watershed.


Connecting to the Land
Connecting to the Land was first conceived around the fire at Macehcewik sipohsisol ("where the brooks begin"), where, in 2017, Wolastoqewi mothers and grandmothers collaboratively established a permanent camp to defend their unceded and traditional territory against Northcliffe Resources and the Sisson Mine. 

Kopit Lodge

Kopit Lodge was founded by veterans of the campaign to stop fracking in Kent County, which is part of the sixth district of Mi’kma’ki: Signigtog (also written as Siknikt).

Labrador Land Protectors
We are a group of concerned citizens fighting against the development of the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric mega-project. We are a diverse group consisting of both indigenous and settler people, and we come from all walks of life. We all bring different experiences, perspectives, and opinions. We are Labradorians and have many supporters from around the world!

Stop Alton Gas
SWAGR (Solidarity with Alton Gas Resistance) is a Halifax-based group of organizers from Council of Canadians, Ecology Action Centre, Solidarity Halifax and the general community. The focus of this group is to support resistance efforts against the Alton Natural Gas Storage Project, and we take our direction from frontline Mi’kmaq communities and other residents of the surrounding area.


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