Mother Earth and Resource Extraction: Women Defending Land and Water

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Blockade Defense
Solidarity with all folks facing charges in the anti CGL pipeline struggle.

Indigenous Law Research Unit | Faculty of Law, University of Victoria
The Indigenous Law Research Unit (ILRU) is a dedicated research unit at the University of Victoria’s Faculty of Law committed to the recovery and renaissance of Indigenous laws. We believe Indigenous laws need to be taken seriously as laws. We partner with and support work by Indigenous peoples and communities to ascertain and articulate their own legal principles and processes, in order to effectively respond to today’s complex challenges.
  Injunctions: What Land Protectors Need to Know (2013) | Shiri Pasternak
While a more detailed and specific analysis is needed on the role of injunctions in the Elsipogtog conflict over fracking on Mik’maq lands, here is a general overview prepared quickly to clarify some basic information about what the remedy can offer and what it restricts in terms of Indigenous assertions of jurisdiction over land.

Supreme Court of Canada cases involving Indigenous peoples
This guide presents a number of Supreme Court of Canada decisions dealing with Indigenous law and First Nations rights. Note that this is not a comprehensive list, but one that endeavours to cover the most representative, impactful Supreme Court cases dealing with these issues over the past several decades.

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