Materia Medica, Pharmacology & Bio-Prospecting

Bioprospecting Plantago lanceolota

In the Ancientbiotics Project, the researchers have investigated the medical use of the Plantago species and identified Plantago lanceolata as the main medicinal ingredient among the medieval medicinal recipes for its properties to heal wounds and be used as an antibiotic. The specific specimen of Plantago lanceolata viewed here was collected by George and Kay Yatskievych. It was found in the city of St. Louis and collected in the hopes of finding out the ecological environment on which it thrives and look at the risk assessment for it going extinct. It relates to other images within this group project and it is discernible that they all belong to the Plantago genus by the physical characteristics of the plant, shown in different images. Most Plantago species have big bushy leaves at the bottom in which a long stem protrudes out the middle with the top being a thick bristle flower. In different historical sources, the plant varies depending on the purpose of the research. The agenda behind the plant as seen in this image directed more toward the observation of its environment while other sources might focus more on the medical aspects and the creation of remedies from the plant. These differences could be the reasons of the difference in interpretation and representation. Some authors might care more about the classification of the plant itself while other authors are more concerned about its application and gaining a profit. One thing is for certain, however, there is much potential for Plantago lanceolata, as to its preservation and collection. The learned knowledge might be useful for further research in the long term once technology becomes more advanced and before the plant becomes extinct.


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