A Digital and Naturalistic Landscape of Thomas Hardy's Wessex: Tess of the D'Urbervilles


This project was completed for my Z657: Digital Humanities course taught by Dr. Tassie Gniady in the Department of Library and Information Science at IU Bloomington.  I would like to thank Dr. Gniady for her valuable advice and constructive suggestions during the planning phases and development of this project.  My sincerest thanks goes to Theresa Quill, the GIS Librarian at IUB Libraries. Without her valuable instruction and feedback on using GIS tools, this project would not have been possible.  I wish to acknowledge Adam Hochstetter for his initial help with setting up my scalar book pages.  Last but not least, I'd like to acknowledge my fellow Digital Humanities classmates, who provided feedback and collaborative advice during the creation of this project.

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