[MACS265] Innovation Illinois - F2019

[Due 12/1, 8P] - Prepare 5 Slides - Paper Outline // EXTRA CREDIT: Tech Buzzwords Assignment

PART 1: LAB ACTIVITY - Prepare 5 slides for your final presentation + draft paper outline:


Focus on your projects and enjoy the break.


Check out the Tech Buzzwords Project. Pick 5 buzzwords: for each, briefly describe what drew you to the term. In 1-2 pages, respond to each:  a.) What did you learn about the terms? b.) What approaches did the site use to keep you engaged and informed? c.) What does this tell you about the goals of the site and the authors? d.) For what other readers can you imagine the site would be engaging or useful? e.) Would you suggest any changes?

**Try your hand at suggesting one other buzzword that the page did not include, and craft its submission. What are your reasons for including them? 

Copy your visualization, slides and outline (and extra credit if you choose to complete it) to your Scalar site's Assignment Page and send us (asaychan@gmail.com and MACS265TeachingTeam@gmail.com) the link by 8P Sunday 12/1.