[MACS265] Innovation Illinois - F2019

[Due 11/17, 8P] - Finish interview(s), Reading Response + write-up

PART 1: LAB ACTIVITY - Complete Interview(s) + Write Up:

  • [1a] - Complete Interview(s): Hopefully by now you have either conducted your interview(s) already, or have it scheduled. After you complete your interview, write up one page of notes that you will be able to reference when writing your final papers. Specifically think about how the interaction can serve to support and develop the insights you hope to discuss along with the survey results and archive materials.
  • [1b] - Highlight 2 quotes from the interview that you can work with, and bring them to class. Then do a search through the survey focusing on those concepts. Think about how you can begin to use this data for your final paper!
  • [1c] “Survey Outreach” - by Wednesday, 11/13: Use your communications plan contact list to reach out again to your contacts - whether they promised to send out/circulate the link or not - and remind them that there is still time to share it with their members. By the End of the Week: Re-assess your survey and interview outreach plan. Who got back to you? Who didn't? What questions do you have prepared? Write a paragraph updating us on these developments, and any progress.  Write up a quick summary to make note of your progress.


  • Read and review the below assigned readings on Mosaic & Alternative Education Programs this week:
  • Consider Jimena Canales' description of web browsing and the Mosaic interface as "cultural techniques" (152). Using the 3 assigned readings, select/list at least 5 different applications or design features of Mosaic & Alternative Education Programs that evidence how web browsing innovations affect not only the types and variety of accessible content, but also new modes of (re)presenting and engaging with phenomena; in essence, an entirely new way of "being" and "doing" in the world. 
  • Consider how the readings frame Mosaic's role in learning and social innovations. What differences do you infer between Mosaic and other efforts to diversify and broaden opportunities for education and information access? And what is Mosaic, anyway? Aim to mention 2 or 3 factors/features.

Copy Parts 1 and 2 of your written assignment to your Scalar site's Assignment Page and send us (asaychan@gmail.com and MACS265TeachingTeam@gmail.com) the link by 8P Sunday 11/17. Attach Part as a PDF or Word Document to that email, and have fun!