[MACS265] Innovation Illinois - F2019

Assignment: Reading Response + DRES Visit [due 9/22]

Reading Response + DRES Visit

Part 1: Reading Response:
Read and review the assigned readings on DRES. Using the Reagan and Brown readings, list at least 5 different strategies that Nugent and the DRES Community used to disrupt the dominant image of "disability" and overcome barriers in order to institute DRES. List at least three barriers  -- social, material, and political -- needed to be overcome for DRES to be realized? Using one citation from either Brown or Reagan, consider whether that author would argue today that these innovations have enabled DRES students to become visible on their own terms?

Part 2: Visit DRES
2. On Wednesday, Sep 18, we will meet at 9 am sharp at the DRES facility [“Rehabilitation Education Center” - 1207 S. Oak St. Champaign, IL 61820]. We will meet in the lobby area at the main entrance. Be sure to be on time. Our tour will begin promptly at 9 am. If you cannot find us, or if you show up late, please call or text Adrian at 951.219.3496.

3. In no more than 1 page, describe and summarize what you observe to be strategies and services that DRES uses to address barriers of representation for "disability" today. How do DRES' building and physical design assets represent that work? What interdisciplinary partnerships do you see them developing and leading today that represent to further those aims? During the tour, aim to take two to three photos of objects that address a "politics of visibility" faced by DRES in the past/present. Take along a notebook and make note of memorable quotes/phrases our DRES hosts say to explain such work over time. Reflecting on your visit, what specific challenges do you think DRES faces today in extending their story and impact?

3a. Make sure to upload and add your reflections to your page. We'll take some time to each share these in class on Monday 9/23.

Post Parts 1 and 2 of your written assignment to your Scalar site's Week 4 Assignment Page and send us (asaychan@gmail.com and MACS265TeachingTeam@gmail.com) the link by 8P Sunday 9/22.