[MACS265] Innovation Illinois - F2019

Assignment: Readings + Documenting Campus Spots (due 9/8)

Reading Response + Documenting Campus Spots

Part 1: Reading Response:

1. Complete the three assigned readings for 9/9 and RESPOND to this question in a few paragraphs:  Why is the idea of Land Grant important to President Henry and the comments he makes in his 1968 speech? Use at least 1 reference from the Geiger text and one other assigned reading in your response.

Part 2: Documenting Campus Spots:
2. Select your favorite spot in your Own College and spend 20-30 minutes simply being there. Make note of the time/day of your visit. Take note of how you tend to use the space, its design and features, and reflect on what's unique about the space to you. Make note of how others use the space. Who are those other users? (Students? Faculty? Other UIUC community members in or outside your department/College?) Who is not using it? Take a note pad and camera (a phone camera is fine), and document at least one object or element of your favorite spot in your own college that represents it for you.

2a. Repeat step 2, but with your favorite spot on campus Outside your Own College.

3. In no more than 1 page, describe and summarize what you noticed in your two site visits. Start by reflecting on your original impression of your selected sites. Take note of what new observations or insights drew your attention and why. Consider what someone who's never visited the campus or your college before might think about each site.  Feel free to make connections to current events or other resources if relevant.

3a Make sure to upload and add your photos to your page. We'll take some time to each share our favorite sites in class on Monday 9/9.

Post Parts 1 and 2 of your written assignment to your Scalar site's Week 1 Assignment Page and send us (asaychan@gmail.com and MACS265TeachingTeam@gmail.com) the link by 8P Sunday 9/8.