Virginia Lucas Poetry Scrapbook

"The Rock Beside the Sea," by Felicia Dorothea Hemans

Poem Transcribed

The Rock Beside the Sea

"Oh! Tell me not the woods are fair,
Now Spring is on her way;
Well, well I know how brightly there,
In joy the young leaves play;
How sweet on winds of morn or eve
the violet's breath may be;-
Yet ask me, woo me not to leave
My lone rock by the sea.

The wild wave's thunder on the shore,
The {sea bird's/curlew's} restless cries
Unto my {heating/watching} heart are more
than all earth's melodies.
Come back my ocean rover! come.
There's but one place for me.
Till I can greet thy swift sail home-
My lone rock by the sea."

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