Virginia Lucas Poetry Scrapbook

Research Essays

Research Essays on Nineteenth-Century Poetry

"Edgar Allan Poe: Friend of Fear and Master of Madness," by Paul Wasel

"Emerson’s Nature Poems: Are they Spiritual, Philosophical, or Scientific?" by Justin Moore

"Emily Dickinson and Violent Poetry: Women, Writing, and War," by Kayleigh Green

"First Contact: The Influential Exchange between the American Fireside Poets and the Arab Mahjar Poets," by Alec Masella

"'God is Cold' — A Religious Observance of Stephen Crane’s Poetry," by Maddie Gallo

"The Prevalence of Poetry in the Classroom in the Nineteenth Century Versus Today," by Carly Uliss

"The Role of Christian Womanhood in the Success of Lydia Sigourney's Poetry," by Caroline Sutphin

"The Two Identities of Jane Johnston Schoolcraft: Native American Life & Womanhood Collide in the Nineteenth Century," by Kirsten Corbman

"Responses to African-American Music During the Civil War" by Anthony Tamberrino

"Beyond the Prose: Nature in Ralph Waldo Emerson's Poetry," by Christian Ritter

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