Louisiana Sounds Across the Country

Jazz Music

Louis Armstrong was a native of New Orleans, Louisiana growing up in a poor neighborhood. His talent allowed him to become one of the most famous Jazz legends today. Jazz legend King Oliver was actually good friends with a young Louis Armstrong. Armstrong's popularity grew from performing with the great and Louis went from playing in Storyville to playing shows in Mississippi to playing shows in Chicago with King Joe Oliver. He and his musical talents began to spread across the country and it was greatly admired and appreciated. This Louisianan greatly contributed to dispersing some of the great sounds of Louisiana to other places within the U.S. and even internationally.

Another famous Louisianan, Wynton Marsalis grew to become one of the most famous Jazz musicians of all time. Wynton Marsalis won Grammy awards at the age of 22 years old gaining national and worldwide fame. It is said that Wynton's hometown, NOLA, greatly influenced him and contributed to his successful career. Marsalis followed in his father's footsteps by sharing the art of Jazz with as many people as he possibly could. Wynton has played with and recorded with numerous superstars including Eric Clapton and he holds 34 honorary degrees from some of the nation's top universities including Colombia, Yale, and Harvard University. "When I play the trumpet, all my troubles disappear."-Wynton Marsalis

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