Lithuanians in Chicago


In 1908, Chicago was home to the largest Lithuanian population of any city in the world with over 50,000 Lithuanian residents (Lietuva 1908). The Chicago area still remains home to an active Lithuanian-American community and the legacy of Lithuanians in Chicago is still evident throughout the city and suburbs. Almost 150 years after Lithuanians first arrived in Chicago, this project seeks to make a small portion of the visual materials created by the Chicago Lithuanian-American community available online.

This project attempts to make the unique history of Lithuanians in Chicago accessible to all. Materials contained in this collection have been categorized using the following subject areas: arts & culture, education, politics, press and organizations. Furthermore, each section gives a brief description about community activities in that area. Users can also explore materials through both the map and timeline visualizations.

The majority of items within this collection were made available due to the gracious cooperation of the Lithuanian Research and Studies Center which has one of the largest collections of Lithuanian diaspora materials in the world. The digital collections page also includes additional collections where materials in this collection were gathered from as well as other digital collections related to this subject. Finally, a complete list of resources consulted in the creation of this site is included in the bibliography page. 

This site has been compiled by Erika Weir, Graduate Assistant at the Slavic Reference Service.

  1. Introduction
  2. Arts & Culture
  3. Education
  4. Politics
  5. Press
  6. Organizations
  7. Timeline
  8. Bibliography

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