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How Lawyers Power Up Their Law Firm Reviews

This was an article published on Help Lawyer, which is a content marketing and creation platform for the legal industry. The article discusses how important reviews are to the legal industry and also touches on how dangerous they can be to a law firm or lawyer. 

Power Of Law Firm Reviews

Power Of Law Firm Reviews

Power Of Online Reviews For Law Firms & Why They Should Keep On Coming


Let us first ask this question to you: Which would you trust more? An article backlinking to a service or an actual review of the service given by a real person? Hopefully, the latter one, because a credible study weighs in for that trustworthy conversion strategy as well - Especially when it comes to law firms or attorneys marketing their services online. Law firm reviews help their marketing efforts in leaps and bounds when used properly. Online reviews, especially if they are positive ones, completely reforms the look of your law firm online for numerous audiences surfing the web to get legal help and advice. Furthermore, a huge number of reviews also helps the law firm from the SEO perspective if the reviews are coded with Schema markup. This means that your reviews get found in the search results.


Why We Should Use The Power Of Legal Reviews

So, let us find out in this narrative the power of online legal reviews and why law firms should keep on asking for more. According to the awesome legal blog "Attorney At Work," this article talks about how to get your lawyer reviews and the necessity for them. 


Importance of Reviews for Law Firms/Attorneys Online

lawyer reviewsThis is a digital age in which we live, and people mostly utilize the web to purchase or hire any kind of services and products. Think about it, if you want something, you normally search online for the best deal and often look at the reviews. Nothing stores their confidence much more in a service or product than a positive online review about it, better if they are in huge numbers.

Therefore, the emphasis on having online reviews for a law firm or attorney has become crucial. That is also one of the major reasons we have such sites like Angie’s List, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Amazon, Yahoo! Local and lots of others where people head first in order to know about specific service or business.

Therefore, a law firm/attorney has so many possibilities to obtain favorable reviews from their clients on lots of review sites like these. These reviews are the first gateway to trusting your law firm or legal services from the audience on the web searching for legal services.

Many potential clients on the web search these review sites to find the one best law service they are looking for, and it could be your law firm if you have utilized the power of reviews online. Therefore, always provide the best services to your clients and request them a favor of leaving a positive review for your services.


Why Should Law Firms/Attorneys Keep On Seeking Reviews? 

Well, much of the reasons have already been exposed to you in the above paragraphs, but we would like to give a bit of further knowledge on this. There are many benefits of actively seeking online reviews from your clients, and here are some of the major ones:

While these are a just handful of reasons, actively seeking reviews helps running your law firm/law services successfully. Since there are lots of platforms one can utilize to obtain reviews, it doubles the chances of exposure to one’s website or law profile. So, what is good in a business when you do not succeed in it? Therefore, include an online “Review” element in your law firm marketing strategy and increase your client base by leaps and bounds. If you are still working on referrals, you will lose out, it's only a matter of time. The world is technology driven now.


Playing Devils Advocate

There is a downside to it though, and that is reviews posted in major online social media sites. It has long been understood that a danger lurks when people or even hired individuals can actually place negative reviews about your company online without knowing you. All they need is an account. Yes, you could get it removed eventually, but how much work and trouble would that involve. Sending a legal demand or notice often falls on deaf ears - especially if its google or another service. A Florida lawyer went through this very problem when he found less than stellar reviews on a review website.

What is important to note is that each review was anonymous in this case. Therefore making sure you have control of your reviews and can answer swiftly and privately if there is a problem is of utmost importance. That's why on the Help Lawyer platform does not allow anonymous reviews and why we have fail-safe procedures to ensure legitimacy as well as give the lawyer the control on whether to accept or respond to reviews. Nevertheless, it is of paramount importance that you seek quality reviews.

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