Exploring the Latino Metropolis: A Brief Urban Cultural History of US Latinos

Cuban American Literature

Perhaps contrary to any outside preconceptions, most Latino writers write in English, or at the very least in heavily English-skewed Spanglish. It is rarer for a more even bilingualism to shine through in popular literature. This is because for many first- and second-generation Cuban-Americans, Spanish is often the first language, but English is the primary language, the “linguistic home (Firmat).”

Cuban-American writers and poets from Miami and South Florida include:

Richard Blanco - Poet and Author
Nilo Cruz - Playwright
Carlos Eire - Author and Scholar
Roberto G. Fernandez - Author
Maria Irene Fornes - Playwright
Ana Menendez - Author and Journalist
Carlos Pintado - Playwright and Poet
Jorge Reyes - Author and Essayist
Virgil Suarez - Poet and Author
Jose Yglesias - Author and Journalist

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