Hired to Depress: A Digital Scholarly Edition of William Blake's Annotations to Sir Joshua Reynolds' Discourses

The First Discourse 11

such a favourable opinion of my associates in
this undertaking, it would ill become me to
dictate to any of them. But as these insti-
tutions have so often failed in other nations ;
and as it is natural to think with regret, how
much might have been done, I must take
leave to offer a few hints, by which those
errors may be rectified, and those defects
supplied. These the Professors and Visi-
tors may reject or adopt as they shall
think proper.
I would chiefly recommend, that an
implicit obedience to the Rules of Art , as
established by the practice of the great MAS-
TERS, should be exacted from the young
Students. That those models, which have
passed through the approbation of ages,
should be considered by them as perfect and
infallible guides; as subjects for their imi-
tation, not their criticism.

1 am confident, that this is the only effica-
cious method of making a progress in the
Arts ; and that he who sets out with doubt-
ing, will find life finished before he becomes 

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