Hired to Depress: A Digital Scholarly Edition of William Blake's Annotations to Sir Joshua Reynolds' Discourses

The First Discourse 6

makes elegance and refinement the last effeef
of opulence and power.
     An Institution like this has often been re-
commended upon considerations merely mer-
cantile ; but an Academy, founded upon suck
principles , can never effect even its own narrow
purposes. If it has an origin no higher, no
taste can ever be formed in manufactures ;
but if the higher Arts of Design flourish, these
inferior ends will be answered of course.
     We are happy in having a PRINCE, who
has conceived the design of such an institution,
according to its true dignity ; and who promotes
the Arts, as the' head of a great, a learned, at
polite, and a commercial nation ; and I can now
congratulate you, Gentlemen, on the accom-
plishment of your long and ardent wishes,
     The numberless and ineffectual consul-
tations which I have had with many in this
assembly, to form plans and concert schemes
for an Academy, afford a sufficient proof of
the impossibility of succeeding but by the
influence of MAJESTY. But there have,

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