Hired to Depress: A Digital Scholarly Edition of William Blake's Annotations to Sir Joshua Reynolds' Discourses

The First Discourse 7

perhaps, been times, when even the influence
of MAJESTY would have been ineffectual ;
and it is pleasing to reflect, that we are thus
embodied, when every circumstance seems to
concur from which honour and prosperity can
probably arise.
There are, at this time, a greater number
of excellent artists than were ever known
before at one period in this nation ; there is
a general desire among our Nobility to be dis-
tinguished as lovers and judges of the Arts ;
there is a greater superfluity of wealth among
the people to reward the professors ; and,
above all, we are patronized by a Monarch,
who, knowing the value of science and of
elegance, thinks every art worthy of his notice,
that tends to soften and humanise the mind.
After so much has been done by HIS
MAJESTY, it will be wholly our fault, if
our progress is not in some degree correspon-
dent to the wisdom and generosity of the In-
stitution : let us shew our gratitude in our
diligence, that, though our merit may not 

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