[Javeriana] Community Data Workshop / Data Genealogies in the AI Age: CRN: 63181 (MDIA590) / 73527 (IS596) – 4 credit hours

AI Object/Case Study - Mythical/Narrative/Historical Dimensions

Object/Case Study - Mythical/Narrative Dimensions:

Select your AI object/case study (you might already have one in mind that you've cleared with me, or you can use this list to select one). Now consider the questions below. Take 30 minutes to write a response to them. If/as needed, take 30 minutes to skim resources online and to draw them into your response:Post your Case study and Question(s) these to the class site (http://www.metodos.work) by 8P Sunday night, 5/23 (ie. before our next class at 10A Monday May 24). Please send me an email with your link so we know it is there. We'll share these during Week 3 of class.