[Javeriana] Community Data Workshop / Data Genealogies in the AI Age: CRN: 63181 (MDIA590) / 73527 (IS596) – 4 credit hours

AI Case Studies/Objects

AI Case Studies/Objects:
* Most of the below case studies are from 2018-20 in the US; there are MANY others.  Feel free to suggest other potential case studies/objects.

Facial Recognition Technologies (FRTs):
Affect Recognition:
AI Industry + Labor Organizinglabeling AI training data, and moderating content on large algorithmically driven platforms.

Algorithmic Impact Assessments (AIAs)
AI in Hiring
Face Datasets:
Health Datasets:

Algorithmic Management/Worker Productivity AI
AI + Climate
Company Oversight Boards + AI
Biased Ads + AI
Autonomous Vehicles
Military AIheadsets to the US military, saying they did “not want to become war profiteers.”Army AI Task Force that was poised to endorse the military use of AI
AI + Immigration:

AI + Economic/Urban Development
AI + Policing

AI + Education
Government Predictive Analytics
National Biometric ID
Data Protection