DIALOGUES: Towards Decolonizing Music and Dance Studies

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Towards Decolonizing Music and Dance Studies


Co-edited by Tan Sooi Beng & Marcia Ostashewski

Published by the International Council for Traditional Music

July 2022
A Non-Governmental Organization
in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO
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Crystal Chan
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Women performers playing the siku, Comunidad Sagrada Coca.
Andean Amazon New Year at Town of Sorata, 2021.
See this image in context in Dialogue 12.
Photo by Judith López Uruchi
Source: University of Buenos Aires,
Anthropology of Body and Performance Research Team



Table of Contents


By Tan Sooi Beng & Marcia Ostashewski (Co-Editors)

Spanish Translation Notes: Decoloniality/Descolonialidad/De(s)Colonialidad

By Silvia Citro, Beatriz Herrera Corado, María Gabriela López-Yanez & Juan Bermudez

The Dialogues

A Latin American Dialogue for Social Inclusion
Community Musics, Ethnicities, and Identities

Organizer: Juan Sebastián Rojas E. (Fundación Universitaria Juan N. Corpas, Colombia)
Speakers are from Brazil, Columbia, and USA

From Cosmopolitanism to Cosmology
Forging Decolonial Praxis in Contemporary South Africa

Organizer: Brett Pyper (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)
Speakers are from South Africa

Insider Dance Research and Resulting Discourses in Seven African Countries 

Organizers: Ronald Kibirige (Makerere University, Kampala-Uganda) and Eric Baffour Awuah (University of Ghana, Ghana)
Speakers are from Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, and Zimbabwe

Collaborative Methodologies for Decentring Power Hierarchies in Education, Artistic Research, and Museum Curating

Organizer: Wei-Ya Lin (University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria)
Speakers are from Brazil, Malaysia, Switzerland, and Taiwan

Painting Ecuador Anew
Knowledge Circulation in a Diversified Country

Organizer: María Gabriela López Yánez (Universidad Central del Ecuador)
Speakers are from Ecuador

Dance, Body and Decoloniality
Between Practice and Institutionalization

Organizer: Sriradha Paul (Choreomundus – International Master’s in Dance Knowledge, Practice and Heritage)
Speakers are from India, Nigeria, and UK

Decolonization of High-Impact International Journals of Music

Organizer: Ijeoma Forchu (University of Nigeria)
Speakers are from Nigeria

Piti Piti Zwazo Fè Nich”? (Little by Little the Bird Makes its Nest)
Appraising Haitian Music-making in Brazil and Projecting Futures Amidst Pandemics and Precarity

Organizer: Caetano Maschio Santos (University of Oxford, UK)
Speakers are from Brazil

Challenging Embedded Coloniality in Music History Curricula

Organizer: Margaret E. Walker (Queen’s University, Canada)
Speakers are from Canada

Ethnomusicology in Rio de Janeiro: Its Praxis, Methods, and Political Engagements
An Overview of the Participatory Action Research Groups of the Ethnomusicology Laboratory of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)

Organizer: Pedro Mendonça (Ethnomusicology Laboratory of UFRJ, Brazil)
Speakers are from Brazil

Working Together? Interrogating Collaboration towards Decolonizing Music and Dance Research

Organizer: Cornelia Gruber (University of Vienna, Austria)
Speakers are from Austria, France, and West Indies

Collaborative Knowledge Production in the Territories of the Southern Cone

Organizer: Jacob Rekedal (Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile)
Speakers are from Argentina and Chile

Embracing a Decentred Approach in the Borderlands of Ethnomusicology

Organizer: Alexander M. Cannon (University of Birmingham, UK)
Speakers are from Taiwan and UK

Notes for a Practical Concept of (De)coloniality in the Context of Music and Dance Practice

Organizers/Presenters: Naiara Müssnich Rotta Gomes de Assunção (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), Juan Felipe Miranda Medina (Universidad Nacional de San Agustín de Arequipa, Peru), Cinthia Carolina Duran Larrea (Choremundus – Master’s in Dance Knowledge, Heritage and Practice, Ecuador), Jorge Poveda Yánez (Embodying Reconciliation / MULTÍLOGOS, Ecuador), Maria José Bejarano (Proyecto Colibrí, Costa Rica)

Cultura Popular Brasileira (Brazilian Popular Culture)
Experiences in Conversation

Organizer: Lorena Avellar de Muniagurria (University of Campinas, Brazil)
Speakers are from Brazil

Kopi One! How to Ownself-Check-Ownself: Chatting about Singaporean/Chinese Privilege in the Lion City and Beyond
Organizer: Shzr Ee Tan (Royal Holloway University of London, UK)
Speakers are from Singapore

Reading Together in a Far-Reaching Community
Applying Decolonization to Practice

Organizer: Kate Walker (University of Sheffield, UK)
Speakers are from Austria, India, and UK

Decolonizing African Compositions
Deconstructing the Theory and Practice Using Traditional Models

Organizer: Ukeme Akpan Udoh (University of Uyo, Nigeria)
Speakers are from Nigeria

The Necessity of a Decolonial Frame
Undoing the Inscriptions of Colonial Modernity in the Study of Sikh Musical Heritage

Organizer: Francesca Cassio (Hofstra University, USA)
Speakers are from India and USA

Decolonizing Tunisian
Articulation and Struggles in the French-Tunisian Matrix of Power
Organizer: Salvatore Morra (Università degli Studi della Tuscia, DISUCOM, Italy)
Speakers are from Italy, Tunisia, and The Maghreb

Cucumbis, Jongo and Samba de Partido Alto
The Sounds from the African Diaspora in Rio de Janeiro
Organizer: Denise Barata (Rio de Janeiro State University, Brazil)
Speakers are from Brazil

Shifting Identities
A Musical Journey from the USSR to Post-Soviet Independent States

Organizer: Razia Sultanova (University of Cambridge, UK)
Speakers are from Kazakhstan and Russia

Knitting Together Our Movement Network (
Vernos A Nosotros Mismos – Looking In Between Ourselves)
Organizer: Beatriz Herrera Corado (MULTÍLOGOS)
Speakers are from Bolivia, Guatemala, and Mexico

Towards Decolonization of the Curricula in Nigerian Musical Arts Education

Organizer: Esinkuma James Amaegbe (University of Port Harcourt Rivers State, Nigeria)
Speakers are from Nigeria

Postlude: Publication Launch

Speakers: Svanibor Pettan, Beverley Diamond, Samuel Araujo,
Jean Kidula, Naila Ceribašić, Anthony Seeger
Moderators: Tan Sooi Beng & Marcia Ostashewski (Co-Editors)

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