Hot Dry Rock Collection

Hot Dry Rock: A Realistic Energy Option

In the March 1990 issue of the Geothermal Resources Council Bulletin, David Duchane continued to push for a second HDR site beyond Fenton Hills, New Mexico.

In 1970, the concept of utilizing HDR as a practical energy source was little more than science fiction. Today, after more than more than 15 years of intensive field work at Fenton Hill, the viability of this concept has been demonstrated in experimental systems. Worldwide interest in the development of this resource has led to active programs a number of countries. The goal for the future is to overcome existing impediments so that this abundant. widespread. and environmentally sound technology can be brought to the market by industry at an economically competitive price.

In this regard. the development of a so-called second-site HDR system in the United States is of paramount importance. The Los Alamos operation at Fenton Hill serves as a test-bed to demonstrate that HDR can provide a source of usable energy in practical quantities over a reasonable length of time. A second U.S. site at another location and in a different geological environment is essential to verify the general utility of the hot dry rock technology developed at Fenton Hill.

- LA-UR-90-0899

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