Hot Dry Rock Collection

Fenton Hill, New Mexico

Experiments began at Fenton Hill, New Mexico. Fenton Hill is located on the western flank of the Valles Caldera, a 22-km-diam volcanic collapse crater superimposed on a complex volcanic field. The site is also conveniently located only 33 km west of Los Alamos. Heat flow measurements indicated that the geothermal gradient, VT (rate at which rock temperature increases with depth), at this site is about 100.C/km in the sequence of volcanic and sedimentary rocks and 55.C/km in the Precambrian metamorphic and plutonic rocks [heat flow of 3.8 hfu (1 hfu = heat flow unit/10-6ca1/cm2s = 41.8 rrM/m20). The anomalously high heat flow (average terrestrial heat flow is =1.5 hfu) is most likely due to residual heat from a large, cooling magma body located below the volcanic field.

- LA-UR-81-0579

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