Hot Dry Rock Collection

Candidate Sites for Future Hot Dry Rock Development in the United States

In 1982, a call to expand HDR testing sites beyond Fenton Hills began.

Generalized geologic and other data are tabulated for 24 potential hot dry rock (HLIR) sites in the contiguous United States. The data show that HDR resources occur in many geologic and tectonic settings. Potential reservoir rocks at each prospect are described and each system is categorized according to inferred heat sources. The Fenton Hill area in New Mexico is discussed in detail because this region may be considered ideal for HDR development.

Three other prospectively valuable localities are described: The Geysers-Clear Lake region in California, the Roosevelt Hot Springs area in Utah, and the White Mountains region in New Hampshire. These areas are singled out to illustrate the roles of significantly different geology and geophysics, reservoir rocks, and reservoir heat contents in possible HDR developments

- LA-09625-HDR

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