Seeing Truffaut's Hitchcock

What is this book?

Broadly, my hope is that this Scalar book will serve as a videographic companion to Fran├žois Truffaut's Hitchcock by:

Seeing Truffaut's Hitchcock is broken into chapters that correspond to those in Truffaut's Hitchcock. Those familiar with the text will remember that it is divided into 16 chapters, each of which begins with a title page listing the films, topics, and concepts discussed in the chapter. Thus, if one is looking for a visualization of a concept discussed in, for example, chapter 6 of Hitchcock, one would find it in chapter 6 of this Scalar book. Of course, I have not come close to creating a video for each item discussed in the text. My plan is to continue updating this book with new videos as I make them.

Any questions and/or ideas pertaining to this project may be sent to For updates on the project, visit my personal website ( and Twitter (@willdigravio).

This book previously took the form of a website. I began the project in 2018 as an independent study at Middlebury College under the supervision of Christian Keathley.

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