Filipinx American History: A Celebration of Community, Activism, and Persistence

NAFCON: Contemporary Filipinx Labor Activism and Movements

The National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (​​NAFCON) is an action-oriented alliance of Filipino organizations, service institutions, businesses, and individuals that promotes the rights and well-being of Filipinos in the US and the Philippines.

NAFCON was founded in December 2003 in San Jose, California as a response to the discrimination and scapegoating of immigrants at the aftermath of 9/11.  Filipino groups and church leaders recognized similar impacts across the US and aimed to bring the discussion and support for the Filipino community to a national level. Since then, NAFCON has tackled immigration-related issues like deportation and labor trafficking. They have also taken on concerns of Filipino workers like workplace discrimination and wage theft. NAFCON members have won over $1 million in unpaid wages through campaigns for Filipino caregivers, hotel workers, and others.

Through conferences and leadership training, NAFCON has also engaged, empowered, and united Filipino youth across the country. They educate the youth and larger community on our history, culture, and current issues affecting Filipinos in the US and the Philippines.

As major disasters hit the Philippines in the last decade, NAFCON has also responded timely in gathering support for affected communities. The relief and rehabilitation response for Typhoon Haiyan survivors was one of their most successful and biggest undertakings thus far. This consistent support for disaster survivors has also led NAFCON to advocate for environmental justice and economic prosperity in the Philippines. 

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