Filipinx American History: A Celebration of Community, Activism, and Persistence

GABRIELA Santa Cruz Chapter: Contemporary Filipinx Labor Activism and Movements

GABRIELA SC started organizing as a chapter organizing committee (COC) in Fall of 2019 at University California, Santa Cruz. During that time, GABRIELA showed support for the COLA grad student struggle and once COVID hit, rolled through the punches of organizing exclusively online. Through hard work and studying our principles, GABRIELA SC was able to amass over 20 members, including UCSC students and community members.  GABRIELA SC launched officially as a chapter in January of 2021. Since then, GABRIELA SC has successfully launched campaigns that highlight the struggles of Filipinas both in SC and abroad.  
GABRIELA Santa Cruz is an overseas chapter of GABRIELA Philippines that aims to organize Filipina women and gender non-conforming (GNC) people for National Democracy in the Philippines. We are a grassroots organization that seeks to build activist skills and people power towards our fight for true liberation in the Philippines. Starting in January 2021, GABRIELA Santa Cruz has highlighted several national and regional campaigns, such as Defend Filipino Women, Duterte Wakasan Na, Support the Philippine Human Rights Act, and the Anti-Counterinsurgency campaign local to the San Francisco Bay Area. As a chapter, we also seek to educate our members on the history of revolution in the Philippines and raise awareness to local issues affecting workers, women, and LGBT+ people in the area, alongside other local organizations such as Anakbayan Santa Cruz and BAYAN Norcal. 

GABRIELA Santa Cruz believes in people power and serves to uplift the narratives of working and peasant Filipinas. At every stage of Filipino history, there has been resistance led by Filipinas against colonialism and imperialism. GABRIELA continues this history of Filipina leaders among the diaspora. GABRIELA SC hopes to immerse within the Santa Cruz community and grow our membership in order to spread awareness of not only the history of struggle, but the current struggles of Filipinas in the Philippines. 


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