First Generation College Students: Navigating Higher Education

College Possible

By providing participants with coaches who serve as AmeriCorps members, College Possible makes college admission and success possible for low income students. The Benefits of College Possible include after-school test preparation, aid with the college application process, aid with scholarships and financial aid awards, and college/university visits. 

In addition to preparing high school juniors and seniors for colleges and universities, College Possible also aids students as they transition to college and supports them through graduation. According to a year-end summary for College Possible (2012), students enrolled in the program do significantly well in post-secondary institutions compared with their peers from similar demographic backgrounds. This includes not only accessing higher education institutions, but graduating from them as well.

Although College Possible is geared toward aiding low income students in obtaining degrees from higher education institutions, it equally benefits students who become coaches to the adolescents. Joe explains his role as a College Possible Coach for Jayson, a low income student attending college. Joe expresses the intrinsic rewards of aiding students, like him, to succeed in college and beyond.

College Possible has several locations across the United States. To view the locations, click "Start Exploring" on the map below.

To find out which colleges and universities College Possible has partnerships with, click here.

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