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Mixed Eroticism

Research Project- Mixed Eroticism
Is there a correlation between the exoticism of those considered mixed-race and the creation of a consequent eroticism? Can we identify precursors to plaçage resulting from miscegenation? How did it differ across and between colonies by colonial power? What about in instances where colonial power shifted—i.e., a Spanish territory becoming a French territory, or a British territory becoming a French territory, etc.
First, as there are many perspectives to be considered, I propose looking at the following perceptions/interests:This research project would aim to discuss the power dynamics resulting from these relationships. The focus would be on the erotic as a source of according to Audre Lorde. There would therefore be much emphasis placed on how it relates to women, but I would like to see whether there are any instances/similarities of mixed-race men in a situation of or similar to plaçage. Another goal of this research project would be to shift the narrative or show the gains that could be made by both parties in mixed-race relationships. In addressing the first question, I am looking to see whether there is any cause and effect present that could lead to a strong case on how eroticism is being alternatively defined or goes beyond the superficial definition.
            Looking at eroticism as a source of power, could we apply this to the constructs of race and/or gender? Where might this fit into a larger discussion on sexuality and intersectionality as it relates to sexuality? Within the confines of sexuality, exoticism, and eroticism as it pertains to people of color, where do we see room to again, shift the negativity of the narrative, create a new one, or expound upon initiated attempts to do so?

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