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Final Project Proposal

Final Project Proposal
            I am interested in exploring spiritual/religious/magical practices of the peoples involved in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The nature of this project also allows for it to be done on a global scale and expand to other places with the presence of colonialism/imperialism. Given my workload for this semester, I think the project is too ambitious to realize by the end of the semester. Therefore, I could look into making it a research proposal or a potential lesson plan (syllabus). In good faith believing that this has not been done yet, a possibility I was contemplating was the creation of an interactive map chronologically showing the trends in religious practice across the three continents of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. I would set the timeline to from the first arrival of Africans in the Americas[1] to today. I believe such a large span is justified given recent trends in returning to Indigenous and non-colonial practices of spirituality and religion.
The map would show where Indigenous/traditional practices were affected/eliminated by evangelism, where they have remained in practice. This can be analyzed for all three continents. 
Look at whether/where syncretism manifested between Europe/The Americas, Africa/The Americas, Africa/Europe.
The project would also look to address the following:The readings thus far that have inspired this project are C.L.R. James’s Black Jacobins, William Earle’s Obi, or, The History of Three-Fingered Jack, and Anonymous (Unca Eliza Winkfield, pseud.)’s The Female American.
[1] This date is contested and thus would require me to offer a more concrete date. This could also be narrowed down if I focus on the first arrival of Africans in what is the US today as opposed to all of the Americas. I acknowledge the mixing of contexts between the Americas and just the US. It might be best to just start with a US context and expand to other parts of the Americas.

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