Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

St. Luke's Episcopal Mission, Kewanna

Efforts to establish an Episcopal Church in Fulton County, Indiana, proved challenging in the early years of the Diocese and never achieved success. In 1889, Bishop David Buel Knickerbacker desired that a mission be opened at Kewanna. The Rev. William Wirt Raymond, rector of St. Thomas Church in Plymouth, became the first missionary at the bishop's urging and offered occasional services in town. Afterward, priests from Plymouth held occasional services. St. Luke's was still listed as a mission when the diocese was created in 1898, but it existed only briefly and soon closed. Later, several bishops made efforts to establish a church at Rochester, the county seat, but all attempts were unsuccessful. The few records of the Kewanna mission are recorded in parish registers of St. Thomas, Plymouth. They include baptisms between 1889 and 1897 (Parish Register 2, pp. 122-130, and Parish Register 3, pp. 146-147). There were apparently no marriages or burials recorded.