Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Rev. Walter Emlen Franklin

The Rev. Walter Emlen Franklin was born in 1815 in Philadelphia, the son of Walter Franklin and Anne (Emlen). His father was a prominent judge in Pennsylvania. He married Catharine H. Days on 9 March 1835 in St. John's Episcopal Church, York, Pennsylvania. In 1850 he resided with his family in New Castle County, Delaware, where he headed a large charitable household that included a number of borders, providing them welfare and religious services. By 1852, he had moved to Logansport, Indiana, where he served concurrently as rector of Trinity and of St. Mary's, Delphi. Remaining there two years, he then became rector of St. Paul's La Porte, where he served until 1856. He moved back to Philadelphia and died there in 1857.


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