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Rev. Solon Wines Manney

The Rev. Solon Wines Manney was born at Hyde Park, Dutchess County, New York, in 1813, the son of John and Elizabeth (Collins) Manney. His father was a member of the Dutch Reformed Church and his mother was a Quaker. He married Sarah Trumbell Phelps. Attracted tot he Episcopal Church, he studied under the Bishop of Maryland and graduated with honors from General Theological Seminary in 1837. He was ordained by Bishop Onderdonk and served two years as rector of the Church of the Nativity in New York City. Moving west at the behest of Bishop Jackson Kemper, he became the first rector of St. Paul's, La Porte in 1839 and served there through 1849. He also served concurrently as rector of Trinity Michigan City in 1841 and again from 1843 to 1847. He also became president of La Porte University. In 1850, Manney moved to Milwaukee and became rector of St. James Church. The following year he received a letter nominating him to be the chaplain of Fort Ripley in Minnesota, serving there and as a missionary on the frontier and to various Indian tribes until 1859. His diary of his time at Fort Ripley remains an important first person account of its early history.  He died in Faribault, Minnesota, on 19 January 1869 and is buried in Maple Lawn Cemetery.



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