Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Rev. Marshall Mallory Day

The Rev. Marshall M. Day was born in Manhattan on 13 August 1884, the son of William Horatio and Elizabeth (St. John) Day. He attended Trinity School and Columbia University, and he was ordained to the diaconate in 1908, at which time Bishop White sent him to Valparaiso to take charge of the mission of St. Andrew's. He married there on 22 August 1910, Lillian Flory "Peggy" Mallory. That same year Bishop White moved him to St. Alban's at Indiana Harbor, where he led the congregation in building a church. He remained there until 1918, when he moved to Muncie, Indiana, to take charge of St. James Church. By 1930 he was a professor in Summit, Wisconsin, and by 1940 in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. He died in Whitefish Bay on 29 October 1955 and was buried in Christ Church Columbarium.


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