Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Rev. John Maurice Francis

The Rev. John M. Francis was born in Pennsylvania on 4 May 1880, the son of Evan and Catherine Francis. He graduated from Colgate and was ordained in 1912 in Utica, New York, by Bishop Olmsted.He married Lucy Jean Hoagland on 16 October 1906 in Bradford, Pennsylvania. He served St. Mark's Church, Des Moines, Iowa, in 1917, then went to Manhattan, Iowa, to serve St. Paul's Church in 1921. Two years later he went to St. Paul, Minnesota, to serve St. Clement's Memorial Church but stayed there only briefly before coming to South Bend, Indiana, as rector of St. James later in 1923. He remained there until 1928, then went to El Dorado, Kansas, as rector of Trinity. He finished his career at St. Paul's Church in Leavenworth before retiring to California. He died in Los Angeles on 21 January 1942.