Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Rev. James Taylor Chambers

The Rev. James Taylor Chambers was born about 1837 in Prince Fredericktown, Maryland. He registered for the Civil War draft in Maryland in 1863, at which time he was recorded as a clergyman. He was ordained to the diaconate that same year and to the priesthood by Bishop Whittingham in 1865. By 1870 he had married his first wife, Emma, and resided in Naperville, DuPage County, Illinois. He served as rector of St. Paul's, La Porte, between 1875 and 1877. By 1880, he had moved west to East Salem, Oregon. He moved to North Carolina in 1897 to take charge of Grace Church in Weldon, where he was enumerated in 1900 with his second wife, Williamena (Quinsey). By 1905, he had gone to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, and by 1910 was living in Shippensburg, Maryland. He died in Baltimore on 29 June 1921 and is buried in Shrewsbury Cemetery.


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