Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Rev. James Johnstone Purcell

The Rev. James J. Purcell was born in Ireland in March 1854. He received a BA from Wittenberg in 1880, was ordained a deacon in 1889 and a priest in 1890 by Bishop Knickerbacker. He had married Tryphosa Wells on 29 March 1882 in Three Rivers, Michigan. At the time he was of Silver Lake, Indiana, and she from North Manchester, Indiana. He was assigned to Gethsemane Church in Marion in 1893 and stayed though 1895, during which time the vestry authorized the construction of a rectory. By 1898 he had moved to Parsons, Kansas, to become rector of St. John's Memorial Church. He was in Parsons in 1900, but his date and place of death are unknown. He may have died in Kansas, since his wife was enumerated without him in 1905 and by 1910 had moved to Colorado.