Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Rev. James Augustus Baynton

The Rev. James A. Baynton, whose name is sometimes given as Boynton, was born in England on 28 February 1863, the son of John and ALice Baynton. He married Harriet Elizabeth "Addie" Weaver on 19 July 1899 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Their son used the name of Boynton. In 1900 he was rector of a church in Grand Rapids, Wisconsin. In 1910, he was in Berrien County, Michigan. He came to Indiana in a missionary capacity, and Bishop White named him archdeacon. He served at Christ Church Huntington from 1913 to 1918 and in 1916 was also given charge of Trinity Church, Peru. He left the diocese in 1918 and by 1920 headed a church in Seneca, Ohio. He died in Centralia, Illinois, on 8 February 1925.