Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Rev. Ignatius Koch

The Rev. Ignatius Koch is of uncertain origin. He may have been born a Catholic in Conewago, Adams County, Pennsylvania, on 17 April 1823, the son of John and Marice (Weyman) Koch. His training is unknown, but he became ordained in the Episcopal Church and succeeded the rectorship of German St. John's Church in Valparaiso, Indiana, in 1866, after the murder of its rector, the Rev. Wilhelm Jahn. Although he attempted to save the church and convince the diocese to build a church, it folded.  Koch then headed to Florida, where he became headmaster of St. John's Academy for Boys in Jacksonville, which opened in 1869. He also preached to German congregations in the area. He also became examining chaplain of the bishop. He died in Florida on 8 September 1872 and was buried in St. Vincent Cemetery in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.