Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Rev. Homer Wheeler

The  Rev. Homer Wheeler was born on 13 May 1819 in Alexander, New York, and came to Indiana as a small child with his parents. He attended Indiana University from 1844 to 1846, studying literature, law, and theology, and later went to seminary at Nashotah House. He married Adelia J. Bryson on 7 August 1849 in St. Joseph County and became rector that same year of St. John's Church, Bristol, where he also taught school. Upon leaving in 1853, he moved to Ashtabula, Ohio, to become rector of St. Peter's Church, then moved again to Racine, Wisconsin, where he served as chaplain and also taught Mathematics, Greek, and Latin languages. Because of his poor health, he moved to San Francisco and died there on 10 November 1878, aged 59. His papers from 1844 to 1846 are in the collection of Indiana University.