Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Rev. Henry Cook Stowell

The Rev. Henry C. Stowell was born in 1810 in Cooperstown, New York, the son of James C. Stowell and first wife Susannah (Cook). Little is known about his career, other than that he was ordained by Bishop De Lancey at Trinity Church, Geneva, New York, in 1852. He came to Indiana briefly in 1854, serving at Logansport and Peru as a missionary from 1854 to 1855, though he declined an appointment to be rector of Trinity, Logansport. He was also stationed at St. Mark's, Howe, from February to May 1855. He returned to New York and in 1860 was rector of Grace Church in South Oyster Bay. In 1865, he was at Northfield, New York, and in the 1870s at an unspecified place in the state. He was unmarried and died at Garrison's, Putnam County, New York, on 20 July 1877. He was buried on his family's plot in Lakewood Cemetery, Cooperstown.