Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Rev. George Washington Gates

The Rev. George W. Gates was born in Westmoreland, Oneida County, New York, on 1 May 1822, the son of Joseph W and Dulcena (Stewart) Gates. His educational background is unknown, but he held degrees in medicine and law as well as theology. He came to Indiana in 1880 from the Diocese of Quincy, serving several months in Columbus, Indiana, before briefly taking charge of St. Andrew's Church in Warsaw. He was in central New York in 1881, serving St Mary's in Luzerne and St. John's in Conklingville, both in the Diocese of Albany. In 1887, he moved to Camden, New Jersey, as rector of the Church of Our Savior. There he was also a Mason and a member of the Elk's Lodge, and he would often provide legal counsel free of charge to prisoners. He died suddenly outside the lodge in Camden on 28 August 1900. His body was taken to Utica, New York, for burial in New Forest Cemetery.