Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Rev. George Taylor Griffith

The Rev. George Taylor Griffith was born in Toronto, Ontario, on 15 September 1859, the son of Thomas and Lilly (Taylor) Griffith. He immigrated to Detroit in 1876, was ordained a deacon in 1884 and a priest in 1885. He became rector of St. James Church in Vincennes, Indiana, about 1896. He later moved to Nebraska and the Diocese of Springfield.He became vicar of St. Andrew's in Valparaiso as well as of St. Stephen's, Hobart, in 1920. He left in 1925 and moved to Portland, Oregon, for reasons of health. He remained canonically resident in Northern Indiana, but lived for a time in Tacoma, Washington, where his health improved. He died in Missoula, Montana, on 11 April 1939.


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