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Rev. George Patterson Schetky

The. Rev. George P. Schetky was born in Pennsylvania on 23 August 1824, the son of John George Schetky and Eizabeth Mee (Patterson). He graduated from Nashotah House Theological Seminary in Wisconsin, and afterward moved to Mount Holly, Burlington County, New Jersey, where he married Elizabeth Burr Oliphant on 26 January 1865 in St. Andrew's Church, where he was rector. He was in Philadelphia in 1868 when Bishop Joseph Talbot recruited him to become the first rector of St. James Episcopal Church in South Bend. He was instrumental in organizing the church and forming its first official vestry, but the church got off to a tentative beginning with few funds to keep it going. In January 1869, the vestry let him go with their good will, since the church was unable to support him. He moved to Bay County, Michigan, where he became rector of Trinity Church in 1874. He later moved to Manitowoc, Wisconsin, where he oversaw the construction of St. James Church. He returned to Philadelphia, where he died on 9 November 1882. He is buried in St. Andrew's Churchyard, Mount Holly, New Jersey.

Diary from Nashotah House, 1851


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